Sculptors Talking Figuratively

I was at the Aldrich Museum Sunday (2/27/2011) for one of their Creative Conversation panel discussions. The topic was the figure in contemporary sculpture. Moderated by their Exhibitions Director Richard Klein with sculptors; Robert Taplin, Elizabeth King, and Judith Shea.

I was already a fan of Taplins work having discovered it when he judged a show that I was in. Now I am also enamored of the work by Shea and King whose stop action animation is exquisite.

This conversation seemed to speak directly to me and what I have been thinking and doing in the last few weeks. With a sculpture in progress moving toward the figurative and a feeling that this was more true to what I was seeking than any of the painting I have been doing. I found the way that the figure found it’s way into the center of their work when none of them had been trained in the figurative enlightening. In fact it seemed they had all been warned off of it by voices in the arts community. And Elizabeth King’s observation that an artist only discovers later what they are doing gave me solace with the realization that I don’t have to figure it out right now.